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A Large Huanghuali Reticulated 'Dragon' Table Top DressingA White Jade 'Dragon' Two-Part Sliding Belt Buckle, 18th CeA Princely Chestnut-Brown Gold-Thread Embroidered Gauze Dra
DoneApr 07, 2023 1:20 PM EDT
Toronto, Toronto, Canada
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Asian Art

Our first Asian art auction of the year features a variety of Chinese antiques and works of art, including jade carvings, embroideries, coins, and a wide selection of late Qing and Republican porcelain. Highlights include a large huanghuali chest from the Fabian Collection and a chestnut-ground dragon robe, both with Sotheby’s provenance. Other categories include Himalayan, South Asian, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian works of art.
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